Sheraton Store Floral Breeze Home Diffuser Set


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Sheraton Floral Breeze Home Diffuser Set

Indulge and uplift your senses with our exclusive Floral Breeze Home Diffuser Set. Our diffuser is designed with minimalists in mind, featuring innovative dry air technology, scent-intensity control, and a simple process for cartridge replacement. Discover just how easy and effortless relaxation can be with our Floral Breeze fragrance.


  • A Sheraton exclusive
  • An invigorating blend of blend of lemon, violet, rose and sandalwood scent notes
  • Includes one Home Diffuser machine and cartridge
  • Innovative dry air technology
  • Fragrance diffuser cartridge lasts approximately 300 hours
  • Freshens approximately 800 square feet
  • Scent intensity selector on back panel
  • Comes with 110V AC adapter
  • 7" L x 6.3" W x 7" H